Attention Cardio-C Customers

For October 2012 shipments, please check the manufacturer/bottler.

This information can be found at bottom of the second panel on the label.

If your jar(s) were manufactured by Douglas Laboratories, there is no known issue. Please ignore this notice.

If your jar(s) were manufactured by Emperical Laboratories, the scoop size is incorrect. The scoop should be 9 CCs. Emperical incorrectly supplied a 5 CC scoop.

Lot 2042502, MFG 6/2012

All jars shipped after we discovered the scoop-size error have stickers attached which contain the label correction.

The proper serving size (approx. 5.88 grams) requires 1 and 4/5 Emperical scoops - or roughly two scoops.

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